Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diva Girl!

Diva Cupcakes made for a little girls 5th birthday party. I was re-living my childhood as I was making these cute fondant toppers. Complete with flowers, diva stamped disks, lipstick, nailpolish, bows, and purses. Did I mention how much I LOVE doing little girls cakes!

All Together and Ready to go!

The True Diva Package!

Olivia's own special Cupcake

Olivia Nail polish!

Inside was Tye-Dye Vanilla Cake with Pink and Purple Dyed Vanilla Buttercream.

Sprinkled with Sugar Pearls and Edible Glitter for a Fabulous Effect any Diva would Demand!

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!


Anonymous said...

These dive cupcakes are amazing and perfect for my daughters 7th birthday party. Only thing is, we live in Chicago! Are you able to do long distance orders?

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