Thursday, February 17, 2011

What would you do for a Sweet Treat??

I had a friend share this funny story about the lengths he took to get a Sweet Treats Cupcake.....

Ms. Hocker... just wanted to say fabulous job on Blair's cupcakes for her baby shower.  I told Lisa all last week to make sure she brings me home any scraps especially fondant that doesn't get eaten, which she did.  Let me just say... yummy!  haha.  She also brought home 2 cupcakes as well.  I assumed they were for me so when I went to eat one of them Saturday night. She said, "Don't touch that, I brought them home for the kids."  I said, " What? No way!  We aren't wasting the good stuff on them."  Then we started arguing about it for 20 seconds.  I was like a little kid who wanted his dessert!  Of course Morgan and Justin were witnessing all of this and started saying, "I want a cupcake."  So to make a long story short, I had to take $10 out of my pocket and pay each of them $5 for their cupcakes.  The negotiations started at 50 cents and thanks to their mother, they worked their way all the way up to $5 for their piggy banks.  It was ridiculous!- Howard Shank

What would you do for a Sweet Treat?


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