Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A True Compliment!

This past weekend I did a replica of the original "Ultimate Phillies Cake" that I had done over a year ago. The client found my work online and contacted me to help complete her boyfriend's surprise 30th birthday.

Today, I was reminded why I started my business in the first place.....

My name is Alan and my son Brian recently celebrated his 30th birthday and his girlfriend Amber ordered the cake from you.  That cake was not only absolutely gorgeous, but it tasted INCREDIBLE!  I was on your website.......you are certainly talented.  I am a 1985 graduate of CIA in Hyde Park NY and have been an executive and corporate chef for many years.  I just felt compelled to write you as everyone was totally impressed with the look and taste and while I am positive you hear that all of the time, I hope you never tire of it.  Again, many sincere thanks for adding a component to the party that helped to elevate it to the next level.  I live in the SF bay area of northern Ca but if I ever have a need for a cake or know someone that does in the Philly area, you'll get the call.  

Take care,
Corporate Chef
Boudin Bakery

Happy 30th Birthday Brian!


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