Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Tips! 4/5/11

Due to a 4 Hour Power outage, my Tuesday Tip is a little late.

Here's a few helpful tip for baking.

First, I use Flower Nails  upside down in my baking pans as a baking core. This will ensure that your cake comes out evenly baked and takes a little less longer to bake. Wilton sells a baking core for $8 and it's a piece of CRAP, not to mention it leaves about a 2" hole in the middle of your cake. Save your money!

These Nails are about $1-$1.50 depending on size, you can get them at any supply store (Michaels, Joann...etc). I recently picked up a four pack of Aetco Heating Nails for $5.

For Cakes 10" or larger nails should be used. I use them in all my cakes, especially in my deeper 3" pans. Here's a picture of what it looks like in the pan:

Don't forget to spray your pan and the nail  with quality baking spray before adding batter. I've experimented and quality counts, so I typically use either PAM Baking Spray or Baker's Joy. 

They are both great and definitely worth it. I used a few other brands and wound up with a pile of crumbled cake with half of it stuck inside the pan. It is VERY Frustrating! 

Thank goodness my co-workers and friends enjoy my cake scraps!

Happy Tuesday Wednesday!


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