Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tips 4/26

So I ordered a few new tools. Once they come in I'll update how they work.

Here's what I'm trying out this month:

This Baking rack insert will give me more room in my oven for cake/cookies.

For $20 I thought why not!

I also got this Cooling Rack, another $20 for more counter space.
I had also purchased this Oven Mitt a year after I burnt myself three times in one weekend. Lets just say that I won't be doing any hand modeling with all my baking scars.
I'm also trying out some New extracts and oils I just got. Including new Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste.

Sorry For the Lack of Posts the last two weeks. I was swamped with orders then went on vacation in the Wonderful town of Boston. 
While there, I did a little researching.....

We visited Sweet Cupcakery and their cupcakes were fabulous! (My favorite was Red Velvet, while Nick fell in love with the place, the cheesecake cupcake and the counter girl!)

Have a Great Rest of the week.....It's a very exciting one for me, check back soon to see why!


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