Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CertainLEE an Exciting Week!

Last week I was honored to make a birthday cake for a special young boy Jaxon. Not only is Jaxon one of the coolest 10 year olds I've met, but he happens to be the son of  Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee.

10 years old is a Big Birthday, so why not have the Coolest birthday cake to commemorate the occasion. Jaxon wanted non-other than our beloved Phanatic to celebrate in style. (Not to mention, the Phanatic was just name the #1 Mascot in all of Sports! )

Jaxon is a huge Phillies fan and who could blame him, his dad does a great job of keeping our beloved Phillies ontop! We delivered to the ballpark where Jaxon was surprised with his cake (he didn't know he was getting a Phanatic cake, but was very hopeful)  along with a few of his envious buddies. 

 I also did matching tye-dye cupcakes for the kids to eat because Jaxon didn't want to cut the "coolest cake ever" until everyone had a chance to see it.

The Lee's are a very down to earth and friendly family. It was a true pleasure to work with them and I was honored to help create a wonderful memory for Jaxon!

Happy 10th Birthday Jaxon


~Rosanne said...

My husband would have offered to deliver this cake, he is a huge Phillies fan!

Amy said...

Jen, my sister-in-law Dena had your cupcakes last year at Ian's party...they were awesome! Nick and Dena told me about you making this cake for the Lee's...congrats!

Amy said...

Jen, my sister-in-law Dena had your cupcakes last year at my nephews party. When she and Nick told me about the cake for Cliff Lee's son I was so excited for you! Congrats...your cakes are awesome!

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