Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Olivella

Congrats to Kelly and Jordie Olivella who celebrated their wedding here after a beautiful ceremony in the Dominican Republic. The couple wanted a tropical theme to go along with the Ceremony and reception decor.

Here is their fabulous Medium Cupcake Tower made of 200 cupcakes!

Topper "Cutting Cake" 
Keepsake Chairs are wooden but all other decorations are edible.

Flavors include: Raspberry Cream, Banana Chocolate, Pumpkin Cream Cheese and Snickers Peanut Butter.

The Beautiful Couple on their actual wedding day, a perfect backdrop for a perfect couple!

Congrats to Kelly and Jordie, and to many years of marital bliss!


Kelly said...

Hey Jen!

Jordie and I were just reminiscing about our amazing wedding/party and your delicious cupcakes. They were as beautiful as they were tasty! You really captured the essence of our beach wedding.

Glad to hear business is booming. I'm sure 2011 is going to be quite a year!

Lots of love,

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