Monday, March 7, 2011

The kid in all of us.....

Children's Birthday Cakes are my favorite cakes to make. They always remind me of the excitement of childhood. Many times parents will suggest a few things they would like for their child's cake  and I will come up with a design. But then there are sometimes when I'll have a client who's child has exact specifications of what they would like their cake be. Often, their imaginations help inspire me to design such incredible cakes, it's fun to bring their little idea to life.

I've had an abundance of Kid's Birthday Cakes over the last few months so I wanted to compile together in one post. Along with client specifications, I get a lot of my inspiration from being around my students who are always sharing the latest trends for elementary aged students. This post is dedicated to the kids inside all of us as well as my students. They are the ones who inspire me everyday to continue to look at the world in the simplest form without taking anything too seriously! Enjoy!!

Harry's Mad Scientist theme, completely designed by a 6 year old! 

Harry was very specific as to what he wanted his Mad Scientist to look like....I think I nailed it!
All elements on the cakes are edible and hand sculpted!

Julia's 3rd Birthday "Princess Cake"

Victoria's 9th Birthday Disco Ball Cake for her "Dance Party".

Kailah's Winter Wonderland Birthday

Joey's Monster Jam Cake, this cake was massive and weighed a ton!
All edible except the cars and truck,

Welcome Lil Jaxon!

Girlie Monkey Cupcakes

Baby Animal Cupcakes for Baby Callahan!


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