Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tips 3/29

Another post for my Tuesday Tips Feature:

This week I want to focus on some of the unconventional tips I use for transporting my cakes.

For my Actual Cake Boards, I use a few different versions :

Wilton Decorative Silver Plates (Sold At Michaels in a 6 pack or Individually at PartyCity.)

Decorative Covered MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard.) I get a sheet of this at Home Depot and when I bat these baby blues, the guys working in the wood department will cut it for me to any size I specify!

One of the simplest things I have found, was using rubber shelf liner in the bottom of my boxes to make sure my cakes don't move during transit. You can even put a strip of this on the floor of your car to safely transport "Grandma's Casserole to Easter dinner." You can grab a roll of this rubber matting in any grocery or go-to store such as Walmart or Target. 

I typically use white bakery Boxes for my smaller one layer cakes.  After trying a few different brands, I found that Home Depot actually has the best deal for sturdy boxes in different sizes for my larger tiered cakes. Although I'm not impressed with the "Home Depot Logo" all over my boxes, I'd rather that than one of my cakes on the ground because of a crappy box. 

Stacking will be discussed in a future post. I'll have to take pictures of my Step by Step Process! 
Happy Tuesday!


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