Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tips! 3/22/11

I am always getting asked random questions about baking tools, products, where I get supplies and how I make certain things. I'm in no way an expert but have found through the years that certain things are very useful and other things are complete crap!

I've decided  that in my spare time (haha yeah right, that doesn't exist!) I will start posting a feature on my blog each Tuesday that will discuss some of my tips, tricks, favorites, and maybe eventually when I have more time (SUMMER!!) I'll add some tutorials. I've decided to call it. "Tuesday Tips!" So Tune in each Tuesday and maybe you'll learn something, become inspired, or just have something to look at while you're procrastinating at your job! I've been told by many of you that you "stalk" my page during the workday....Hopefully this will help your urge.
(Sidenote: Have No Shame...Friendly stalkers are welcome, just as long as you're not collecting follicles of my hair or plotting my unfortunate death) hehe

This week I thought I'd start with a  few of my tried and true gadgets that help make my baking life easier.

  • The Beater Blade beats the crap out of your batter/ buttercream so you don't have to stop the mixer to scrape down the sides! I give these babies a workout every week when they whip up about 8 batches of thick creamy buttercream.

Check to make sure you get the right size for your mixer. I posted a link to Amazon but you should find them anywhere between $20-$30 depending on your size mixer.

  • The Cupcake Courrier It holds 36 Cupcakes and has enough room between each tray so your cakes won't get smooshed! I decided to buy this one when I had a class of 25 kids, I couldn't stand bringing two separate containers for 25 cupcakes! 
I'm the proud owner of Two Pretty Pink ones but they come in a few other pastel colors

A Cheaper Alternative is placing cupcakes inside a T-shirt or Sweater gift box and packing them in with marshmallows so they don't move around in transit. 

*Insider Trick: Place naked cupcakes in the box in rows, pour marshmallows over cupcakes to pack them in THEN ice cupcakes and decorate. This will prevent the marshmallows from sticking to your pretty icing and decorations.

The Non-Stick Muffin/Cupcake Pan Cleaner. I thought this was such a clever find. The sponge fits perfectly inside your cupcake tins to clean the rim and won't scratch the non-stick surface.
I found it at a random store but above is a link where you can get it online.

And Lastly I'll leave you with one of my favorite websites to browse for fancy and fabulous baking items:
Bake it Pretty has all your supplies for cutsie Cupcake and Cake Tools!


Do you have a Question? Post it in the comment section and I'll try my best to answer for you! 
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